Blogical Thoughts Cookbooks

I have compiled and I edit cookbooks for various web sites. These cookbooks focus on outdoor and Dutch oven cooking. The cookbooks are free and may be downloaded here.

Black Iron Magic is a cookbook for novices of Dutch oven cooking.

Campfire Cooking is the cookbook for the Camp-cook web forum. The current edition contains over 1,200 recipes that are in the forum sections. A new edition with more recipes is published every March.

The TnTTT Cookbook is a compilation of the recipes on the Teardrops & Tiny Travel Trailers Forums.

The Dutch Oven Dishes cookbook is a compilation of recipes I have accumlated from various sources and which do not appear in other cookbooks. It is mostly based on Black Iron Magic (Microsoft Word document), which we used for teaching the rudiments of camp oven cooking.

For many years, Byron's Dutch Oven Cooking web site was the premier site to obtain excellent recipes for your camp ovens. The web site is gone now, so I got the content of the site and compiled it into Byron's Dutch Oven Recipes. The cookbook contains more than recipes; there are sections for care of Dutch ovens, as well as cooking tips.