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Shadow Magazine Stories 1946

Shadow stories taken from The Shadow Magazine, published in 1946.

No. Date Title Author HTML EPUB
299 01/01/46 The Banshee Murders Walter Gibson [html] [epub]
300 02/01/46 Crime Out of Mind Walter Gibson [html] [epub]
301 03/01/46 Mother Goose Murders Walter Gibson [html] [epub]
302 04/01/46 Crime Over Casco Walter Gibson [html] [epub]
303 05/01/46 The Curse of Thoth Walter Gibson [html] [epub]
304 06/01/46 Alibi Trail Walter Gibson [html] [epub]
305 07/01/46 Malmordo Walter Gibson [html] [epub]
306 08/01/46 The Blackest Mail Bruce Elliott [html] [epub]
307 09/01/46 Happy Death Day Bruce Elliott [html] [epub]
308 10/01/46 The Seven Deadly Arts Bruce Elliott [html] [epub]
309 11/01/46 No Safety in Numbers Bruce Elliott [html] [epub]
310 12/01/46 Death on Ice Walter Gibson [html] [epub]