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Sharp Zaurus

Note: This is an old article. I no longer use a PDA, as my cell phone serves the same purposes. This article is shown for historical purposes.

I used a Compaq iPaq 3630 PDA for over a year, and I was very happy with it. Then I read about the Sharp Zaurus SL-5500.

I was hooked. Not only did it have more memory and the same size screen with more colors, but it also ran under my favorite operating system - Linux. What a great thing. The only problem was, I already had a PDA and I couldn't justify the $500 for another one.

Then Sharp crossed me up - they lowered the price of this wonderful machine from $499 to $399. I went out and bought one. Have never regretted it.

This page will describe the PDA and the uses I make of it. It will be updated as I gather more information in digital form. For right now, here are the web sites I frequent that are dedicated to the Zaurus: