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1 Quart Loaf Bread

Ingredients for a one-quart loaf (Approx. 60 cubic inches volume):

This is a starting point.

Remember your flour may take more or less liquid to hydrate properly. Hi-protein bread flours will take more liquid. I use half bread flour and half all-purpose flour for plain loaves. Either one alone will make great bread.

Do not plan on filling your oven to the top with bread. Leave a one-inch space at the top.

If your bread domes too much, add a bit more water to make wetter dough, which will rise with a flat top. This will keep the dough from touching the lid and over-browning.

Use plenty of coals- bread can take it.

Will Satak
Dallas, OR
Willamette Chapter, IDOS

NOTE: Will Satak stated in a class presentation that the recipe can be scaled to make 2, 3, 4, quart volume of a bread loaf - to fit any size Dutch Oven. Warren WAlker