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Dutch Oven Dinner Rolls

Serves 12

Mix yeast in warm water. Sprinkle the 1/8 teaspoon of sugar over the yeast mixture to activate.

Combine the milk, butter, salt and remaining sugar in a bowl and mix well.

Add 1 1/2 cups of flour and mix thoroughly. Add yeast mixture, mix well, then add and mix in 1 more cup of flour.

At this time the dough will be stiff. Sprinkle some of the remaining flour on a flat surface. Knead the dough until dough is smooth. Place in a greased bowl, cover and let rise until it doubles its bulk. ( about 1 hour )

Shape dough into smooth rolls and place in a greased Dutch oven. Cover and let rise until they double there bulk again.

Bake and serve hot.

CHARCOAL HINTS: Use 10 briquettes underneath and 12 on the lid.

Source: Brenda Miller