BLOGical Thoughts Breakfast


( 1 dozen English muffins ( We prefer to use Austrailian Toaster Biscuits)
1 dozen eggs
1-8oz. pack shredded cheddar cheese
1 can Spam, diced

Preheat a 14 inch DO to 350 degrease

Mix the 12 eggs in a large bowl

Add the diced Spam to the eggs

Spray the DO with Pam

Add the eggs and spam mixture to the DO

Cook for 20 th 25 minutes until the center of the egg mixture is cooked.

Add cheese on top of eggs and Spam until melted

Use a round cutter the size of the muffin or biscuit and serve on a toasted muffin or biscuit.

We toast the muffin or biscuit slightly buttered, both sides shortly before the egg mixture is fully cooked.

SOURCE: Ron and Linda Chilton