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Mexican Spoon Bread

Use a 10" Dutch Oven, 13 briquettes on top, 9 on bottom

Grease the Dutch Oven sides and bottom, then lightly coat with flour.

In a large bowl, mix the cream corn, milk, melted shortening, eggs and onion. Blend in the corn meal, flour, salt, baking powder, baking soda and sugar.

In a smaller bowl, combine the green chiles and cheese

Pour half the batter into the Dutch Oven. Sprinkle the top with half of the chili-cheese mixture. Add the rest of the batter and top with the remaining chili-cheese mixture. Cover with lid and place over 9 briquets. Add 13 briquets to top. After 20 minutes, remove the oven from the bottom heat. Finish baking with top heat only. Cool slightly, cut into wedges and serve warm.

This recipe is from a Lodge Dutch Oven brochure