BLOGical Thoughts Breakfast

Sourdough Hot Cakes

Put all of the ingredients together and mix well.

Add flour or water as needed to reach a batter the consistency of cake batter.

Fry on a hot, but not smoking griddle. Turn before the bubbles break or if the cakes are brown.

Hints: Add a cup or two of blue berries in the batter.

ACCORDING TO DON - "We have used this recipe in cow and deer camps for years. It will feed 3 or 4 people for breakfast and usually leave enough hotcakes for lunch. If you're not hunting or riding, keep the left over batter for biscuits. Figure enough batter for 4-6 six inch hot cakes per person. Yep, they will eat that many."

FROM THE KITCHEN OF: Don Jordan - A Time Of Horses, Cattle & Sheep