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gdvdslides - Create Video Slideshows

gdvdslides is a graphical user interface for the command line program dvd-slideshow. dvd-slideshow allows you to create a video from a set of JPEG image files, audio files and AVI video files. The created video can be saved in several formats; the default format is VOB, which is the format that a video DVD uses.

The task of creating videos from images is made much easier with gdvdslides. You may visually define areas to crop or use in a Ken Burns effect. You may even get an estimate of how long the slideshow will play when it's completed. When you are finished with a slideshow, you can easily review the build log. You can also view the slide show using your favorite media player, with the click of a menu item in gdvdslides.

gdvdslides comes with extensive help and with a browser-based tutorial. We have posted the tutorial here so you may view it before installing the program.

gdvdslides Main Window

Example Slideshow

We have created an example gdvdslides script and have uploaded it to YouTube. Here is the result:


gdvdslides requires that several other programs be installed on your system. The dependencies are


The latest version of gdvdslides is available here.