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gdvdslides is a graphical user interface for the command line program dvd-slideshow. dvd-slideshow allows you to create a video from a set of JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc image files, AVI video files and audio files. The created video can be saved in several formats; the default format is VOB, which is the format that a video DVD uses.

dvd-slideshow requires a script of actions to be performed and gdvdslides helps you create that script by providing a visual method to create the script lines. Once the lines have been created and saved to a file, gdvdslides can invoke dvd-slideshow for you, using the appropriate command line options.

gdvdslides is an open source program, licensed under the GNU Public License (GPL). It was written using Free Pascal version 2.6.4 and the Lazarus IDE, version 1.2.4. Source code for the program is available at

Important Note:

The slides list is the focal point of gdvdslides. When you add transitions or other items to the list, you may add them either before or after the currently selected line, based on a radio button selection in the Transitions dialog. When you add images to the list, if you have a particular slide selected, the images is added before the selected slide. If no slide is selected, the images are added to the end of the list.

Debugging Note:

When creating a video file, gdvdslides opens a terminal window and runs dvd-slideshow in the terminal window. When dvd-slideshow finishes, the terminal window automatically closes. If there are errors in your script, they are printed in the terminal window. If you want to look at the dvd-slideshow output, go to the gdvdslides Help menu item and click on Show Log.

If you want more debugging information to be displayed in the log file, go to the Default Settings dialog and check the Verbose log file entry, then compile the slideshow again.