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The purpose of this gdvdslides tutorial is to show you how gdvdslides can be used to create a slideshow script, and how to have dvd-slideshow compile that script into a video slideshow.

We will create a slideshow that contains titles, slide images (one with a special effect applied) and audio tracks. Those items will cover most of gdvdslides' capabilities. The video that will be created can be saved in several different formats with the selection of a simple radio button. We will save our video as a regular video file.

Getting Started

Required Files

You must start the gdvdslides program so you can follow along with this tutorial. If you have already started the program and have been toying around with it, you should click on the New Slideshow button or select that menu item. The object is a clean start for our slideshow.

Steps to Create a Slideshow

  1. Set the default slideshow settings.
  2. Add a set of images to the slides list.
  3. Add a background to use with text pages (title, music, subtitle, etc.)
  4. Add a title page at the top of the slides list and a title bar at the end.
  5. Add any required effects.
  6. Check slideshow current duration, so you can add enough music to cover the entire slideshow.
  7. Add musictitle slides to the end of the slides list for the music.
  8. Check slideshow duration again to verify you have enough music.
  9. Add music files to the start of the slideshow.
  10. Create the slideshow.
  11. Look at the log file to ensure no errors.
  12. Play the slideshow.

Set Default Settings

We will now set up the slideshow defaults. Click on the Default Settings button or click on that menu item. The Default Slideshow Settings dialog will appear:

Default Slideshow Settings
Setting the Default Settings

We will change several items in the default settings.

Click the OK button. Note that if you make any changes to this dialog at any time, that is considered to be a change in the slideshow you are working on, so you will eventually have to save those changes before you create the slideshow video.

We can now move on to adding images to our slideshow.