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Adding audio tracks to the slideshow depends on a few things. We need at least an approximation of the length of the slideshow, so we can add that much music. If we add musictitle slides at the end of the slideshow, we must also take that time (in our example, 6 seconds each) into account.

First we must get an approximate slideshow length. Click on the Slideshow Duration button.

Slideshow Approximate Duration

We must now pick a couple of songs whose total length is at least 4:02. Old classic car songs average about 2:30, so two songs ought to cover the entire slide show, even when we add a couple of music title slides to the end of the slideshow (4:02 + :06 + :06 = 4:14).

If you don't feel like doing this kind of math in your head, you can use our hours, minutes, seconds calculator to do the figuring. The calculator works especially well for longer slideshows that use a lot of audio tracks.

We have picked two songs to add to the slideshow. We should put them at the very start of the slideshow, so they will play the entire length of the show. Click on the very first line of the slides list, then click on the Transitions button.

Be sure to click the Insert before slide button, so the audio file lines will be put at the top of the slides list. Click on the Audio tab, then select an audio file.

Inserting Initial Audio File

Note here that since this is the first song we are adding, we are fading in the music. When we add the second file, we will fade out that one, since it will be playing at the end of the slideshow.

Inserting Final Audo File

We now have the music in place.

Audio files added
Audio Files in Play List

At this point, you might want to go down to the end of the slides list and add a couple of musictitle slides. Be sure to put a transition between each musictitle.

We can now finish up and save and compile the slideshow.