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There are three kinds of effects you can add to a particular slide; the Crop, Ken Burns and Scroll effects. Crop will allow you to display a particular piece of a slide. Ken Burns will allow you to zoom in/out and pan around in an image. Scroll will allow you to scroll across an extra-wide image.

We are going to demonstrate the Ken Burns effect. Pick a particular slide and click on the Ken Burns Effect tab. You can then use the mouse to define the starting and ending areas for the effect. Holding down the left mouse button and dragging across the image will define the starting area. Holding down the right mouse button and dragging across the image will define the ending area. Note that the areas will always have the same aspect ratio as the one you selected in the Default Settings dialog. Also note that you can define the starting and ending areas as many times as you wish, to get them the way you want them.

Ken Burns effect
Selecting/Applying Ken Burns Effect

We used the left mouse button to draw a rectangle around the BSA logo on the motorcycle's gas tank, then the right mouse button to draw around the entire motorcycle. That means that when this slide is displayed, it will close up on the logo, then pan back to the entire motorcycle.

We then click on the Apply button at the bottom of the effects area to apply that effect to the image.

There is one more thing we have to do for a Ken Burns effect. We need to display the slide a bit longer, since it takes time for the effect to complete. Over on the left, under the slides list, you will see a Duration box that currently says 6 seconds. Increase that value to 9 seconds, then click its Apply button.

We can now move on to calculating how much music we need and how to add audio to our slideshow.