gdvdslides - Tutorial - Adding Images and Background Slides

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Add Images and Background to Slides List

The first editing work we will do will be to add images to the slide list. We can skip around in the list and add items in various places, so this is a good place to start.

Click on the Add Images button to bring up the Open Picture dialog. Go to the directory where your images are, then pick the images you want to add. The Dialog will allow you to chose more than one image at a time - just hold a Shift or Control key down when you click the mouse on image files. The Shift key will allow you to chose a range, while the Control key will allow you to chose one image file at a time. We have chosen all except one image file for our slideshow.

Add images
Get Images Dialog

Since these are the first slides we add to the slides list, the images we selected are added to the end of the slides list, in the order in which they were selected in the open picture dialog. And since we checked the Auto-insert crossfade transition in the Default Settings dialog, a crossfade transition is added after each slide image.

Next, we will add a background to the slide list. We have created a background image from one of the images using the GIMP's Render Decor filter to create an old photo effect, then saved that as 'background.png'. Click on the first image in the slide list (so the background will be added just before it), then click the Add Transition button. The Transition/Other dialog will appear. Click on the Background tab, then the Image radio button. You can now click the button next to the Image box to add an image file. We will set the duration to zero seconds, so it will be used any time a text slide comes up. Then Click Ok.

Add background
Add Background Image

The background line is now added just in front of the selected slide.

Added background
Slides List Thus Far

Our next step is to add a title to the slide lines.