gdvdslides - Tutorial - Saving and Compiling

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Before we save our slideshow, we should ensure that the very last thing in the slides list is a Fade out transition of four seconds. This synchronizes the video fade and music fade and also prevents dvd-slideshow from giving you an error because you had a Cross fade at the end and there was nothing to Cross fade to.

Final Transition in Slides List

Saving and compiling the slideshow is actually very simple. Just click on the Save slideshow button or menu item, select the directory where you want to save to and add the slideshow name. The saved name will appear in the title bar of gdvdslides.

Complete and Ready to Compile Video

All that's left is to click on the Create Video button and watch as the slide show compiles. The compiled file should appear in your output directory, with the same name as the slideshow script, but a different extension. You can play the result by clicking on the Video | Play Video menu item. This will launch the video player you selected in the Default Settings dialog and will play tha video.

If you find that no video file was created, there was probably an error during compilation. Click on the Help | Show Log menu item. In the Log dialog, click on the Find any error button to find your error. It's then up to you to figure what to do about it.