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Interior LED Light for The HU-1


Since I liked the LED taillights I got for the trailer, I decided to build an LED interior light, also.

The parts for the light are shown above. They consist of a circuit board and 9 bright white LEDs (purchased from three 51 ohm resistors and an interior light purchased from a local RV dealer.

Opening the light

The first thing I did was open up the light shell. The incandescent light is mounted on a metal back plate, which is attached to the plastic shell with four legs. You can easily pop the back plate out and remove the connectors from the on/off switch.

Once the back plate was out in the open, I used a pair of pliers to stress and break off the mount for the light bulb. This gave me a place to mount the circuit board, once it was finished

Completing the circuit board

Next I mounted and soldered the resistors and LEDs. The nine LEDs were mounted so they are not flush to the circuit board and they did not all point in the same direction. We want diffuse light, not a light band.

LEDs have a polarity. You should be careful when mounting them that they are mounted correctly.

Mounting the circuit board

I used two brass standoffs (the same kind used to mount computer motherboards) to mount the circuit board above the back plate. The back plate itself is the negative side of the circuit. The black wire is the positive side. I soldered a wire to the negative post of the circuit board and wrapped it around the screw that holds the circuit board in place. The black wire is soldered to the circuit board and runs through the switch and out the hole in the back plate.

The completed light

Here is the completed light. When I first tested it, I used a small rectangular 9 volt battery. Only 4 of the LEDs lit up. I thought I had done something wrong.

I did further testing of the ciruit one section at a time and found that there was nothing wrong. Just variations in the triggering point of the LEDs.

My final test was done using a 12 volt car battery. Everything works great. Now I just have to mount it in the teardrop trailer.