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LED Tail Lights for The HU-1

It was a nice winter day...

I've been interested in LED lighting for a while, and decided to replace the taillights in my Hunter Shadow with LED bulbs. So I ordered some from Super Bright LEDs and installed them on a nice winter day.

Bulb Comparison

Here is the #1157 bulb, compared to its LED equivalent. The LED bulb has 30 bright white LEDs, but it consumes less current than the incandescent bulb. It also has a life of 100,000 hours.

Lighting Comparison

Here is the incandescent bulb. It produces more light than the LEDs, lighting up even the part of the lens that is seated against the taillight body.

The LEDs put out less light, but the lighting is more evenly distributed. I think I will stick with these for a while. I am even thinking of replacing the other incandescent bulbs (running lights, area lights) in the teardrop with LEDs.