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New Galley for The HU-1

The galley of the HU-1 has no shelving for anything and a small cabinet for pots and pans. I decided to do something about that, so I took my trailer to SSS Cabinets in Hayden, ID. They came up with what you see above.

The curve of the cabinets serve two purposes: to allow the rolltop to function smoothly, and to allow clearance for the hatch supports.

Here are the new cabinets and drawers opened. The cutting board is removed from its storage position between the two rolltops.

This is the pots and pans drawer. It is large enough for a 10" dutch oven, skillet, pats and pans, but a 12" oven just won't fit.

Shelf detail. The other side is slightly different. No need to be symmetrical and it provides more storage for small items.